Aussie PGA stars rally around Jarrod Lyle

Adam Scott and Jason Day are among the Australian stars on the US PGA Tour who have rallied around Jarrod Lyle as he begins palliative care.

01-Aug-2018 By Evin Priest, Australian Associated Press
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A very emotional Adam Scott has joined a chorus of Australian golfers sending heartfelt support to Jarrod Lyle as he ceases active cancer treatment and begins palliative care.

The 36-year-old Lyle has been fighting a third battle with cancer since a recurrence of acute myeloid leukaemia last year.

But as his condition deteriorated in hospital recently, with Lyle partially losing eyesight and having speech difficulties, wife Briony revealed on Wednesday the heartbreaking decision to end his treatment.

Lyle will now spend time with Briony and young daughters Lusi and Gemma at home in Victoria.

Speaking at Ohio's Firestone Country Club ahead of the World Golf Championships-Bridgestone Invitational, former world No.1 Scott says Lyle has been an inspiration for 20 years.

Lyle first diagnosed with leukaemia as a teenager in 1999 and after beating it relapsed in 2012, but fought courageously to return to play professional golf in Australia and on the US Tour.

"I can't imagine being in that position; it's unthinkable," Scott said.

"He is one of the best blokes there is. Given all the difficulties he's had since his late teens, he has lived the best life he could with the tough cards he has been dealt.

"He played such good golf while battling illness; he has been through it all.

"His positivity and general demeanour has been so good and so infectious on others; it's a good way to think of how I should live my life.

"It shouldn't have to have something like this to remember that's what it's all about."

Former world No.1 Day said the news hit him hard given Day's mother Dening was treated for lung cancer last year and his father Alvin died of stomach cancer when Day was young.

"It's hard news to take and it is so unfortunate," Day said.

"It puts things in perspective. We are out here trying to compete but at the end of the day there is life and family we need to be there for.

"We all love Jarrod. He's such a good bloke. It's not fair he's going through this."

Three-time US Tour winner Marc Leishman was also emotional.

"I'm absolutely gutted for the whole family, Briony and the kids," Leishman said.

"It's been a hard road for Jarrod for so long, and he has fought so hard.

"He has always been the life of the party. He is a larger than life character and an inspiration to so many of us."

Sydney native and former Tour winner Ewan Porter said Lyle's colourful personality was essential as the pair climbed the ranks of American golf together.

"I'm a better man for having Jarrod Lyle in my life," Porter said.

"At the Australian Open, he came into the commentary box and even then his spirits were so high.

"The way he has fought through such tumultuous times is such a huge credit to himself and his beautiful family."

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